For wholesale inquiries please contact: sales (at) robertjoseph (dot) com

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Spring/Summer 2012 Wholesale Catalog (2MB)


Robert Joseph Spring/Summer 2012 Wholesale Order Form (.xlsx)

When contacting us about wholesale orders, please let us know about your retail establishment. We are more than happy to fax order forms and will gladly work with you on needed delivery dates. However, we prefer to exchange orders via email and Excel formats. Once we receive your order, we will provide you with a unique ID which will be used by only your company as your signature.

This order form contains no prices. After your order and delivery date is approved by us, you will receive an order form with prices, your line item orders, total cost and delivery charges for you to sign with your unique ID. Once we receive your signed order form with payment information, your order will be processed, and you will receive a confirmation email and delivery date confirmation. Your payment information will not be processed until your order is shipped. You receive a 48hr notice prior to payment processing and shipping.

All products are made in U.S.A., in Los Angeles, CA.


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